General Election 2019: Derek Thomas on the Climate Emergency

I am campaigning for a ‘Greener and Healthier West Cornwall and Scilly’ and I will work tirelessly for decisive action to cut harmful emissions and to protect and enhance nature. This is essential for the future of our planet, can cut living costs by use of electric cars, properly insulated homes and renewable energy (for example) and improve our health and wellbeing.

Since the publication of the IPCC report just over a year ago warning that we have 12 years to reverse a climate catastrophe, I have worked closely in West Cornwall with local groups and with Cornwall Council on ways to cut carbon emissions to achieve the declared net zero target by 2030.

I have met Cornwall Council’s transport team and lobbied Government with the result that a £23.5m funding package has been agreed over the next four years for a ‘Reduced Bus Fares’ pilot in Cornwall. I have also launched the Woodland 2020 project which has the aim of planting 20,000 trees in West Cornwall by the end of next year.

In Westminster I served on the Environment Audit Committee and support the Conservative Environmental Network (CEN) manifesto which outlines policies to help us decarbonise while in April I secured a debate pressing the Government to bring forward our first ever Environment Bill, enshrining environmental principles in law.