Funding Boost for Brain Tumour Research

In the wake of an announcement of a £45 million boost in funding for Brain Tumour Research, West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas has continued to promote efforts to improve outcomes for the biggest killer of people of children and adults under 40.

Last week, Mr Thomas, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Brain Tumour Research, welcomed the announcement by Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt of an estimated £20 million in funding over the next five years – with the aim of doubling this with further investment from Cancer Research UK once new high-quality research proposals become available.

This week, at a meeting of the APPG, Mr Thomas launched an inquiry into the economic and social impacts of brain tumours. He also welcomed Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department of Health, who provided an update on the findings of the Task and Finish Working Group’s research into brain tumours.

“With the much-needed funding boost for reearch and the benefit of this excellent report by the Task and Finish Working Group, the future is definitely looking brighter for the 11,400 people diagnosed with a brain tumour every year,” said Mr Thomas.

“I hope that the inquiry I have launched will add to this work and that we can soon remedy the shocking situation we have at the moment whereby brain tumours represent just one per cent of all diagnosed cancers but result in three per cent of cancer deaths.”