Fuel Poverty

Today I met with former Liberal Democrat MP, Lord Matthew Taylor to discuss with him what opportunities exist to address fuel poverty in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We have a particular problem of fuel poverty where the cost of energy, 'leaky' homes and low wages means that many of our homes are not warm enough and some people's health suffers as a result. Lord Taylor has been working on this for many years and has ideas that could benefit householders in this constituency.

Penwith College student, Primrose Brechtmann, who is working with me to tackle fuel poverty, has organised a fuel poverty conference to take place on February 5th in Penzance.

At this conference we will bring together health representatives, landlords, energy suppliers and businesses that are developing solutions to address fuel poverty. There is an opportunity for you to attend. Please email me, derek.thomas.mp@parliament.uk.