Extra £7.5 million will help Cornwall's social care system

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas has welcomed the allocation of an extra £7.5 million of funding for social care in Cornwall.

The money comes from a £650 million boost announced in the autumn budget for local authorities to help deliver services for elderly and vulnerable people.

Cornwall’s share of the funding includes £4.77 million for adult and children’s social care and is intended to help ensure that adult social care pressures do not create additional demand on the NHS. The other £2.8 million of funding is earmarked for 2019-20 to alleviate winter pressures on the NHS and is addition to the funding already announced for 2018-19.

Following a CQC report published 12 months ago which showed that that Cornwall Council committed less than half the amount of resource into social care beds that comparable authorities around the country do, Mr Thomas said that social care in Cornwall was “in crisis” and that Cornwall Council had a “dire record”, calling for an overhaul of the system.

With the other Cornish MPs he was able to secure an extra £24 million of Government funding for social care in Cornwall last year and he now welcomes the latest Government announcement.

“Providing our elderly and most vulnerable people with the care and support they need must be at the top of our priorities and I am delighted that the Government is committed to spending more on social care,” he said.

“Cornwall Council is making improvements in the way it runs the social care system and some very good work is being done at a local level to improve support for the elderly – this extra funding will help to ensure that people enjoy the services they deserve.”