'Exciting' building work at Helston Community College is a boost for students and staff

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says he is excited by the progress of the new building work at Helston Community College after a visit this week.

Contractors BAM and school staff showed him round the three-tier £17 million building which is taking shape on the school’s North site and which is scheduled to open, as planned, in time for the start of the new school year in September 2019.

The new structure will include a large sports hall and separate assembly hall, with the reception area and hall on the ground level and with classrooms for Maths, English and Science built both above, on the first floor and below, on a lower-ground level, due to the slope of the ground.

“To get to this stage is brilliant after such a long road,” said Mr Thomas.

“I first became involved more than 10 years ago at a meeting in 2007, when the problems and issues with the C Block structure first came to light.

“Since then there have been many false starts and hurdles placed in the way but in 2015 the Government awarded funding to the school under its Priority School Building Programme.

“Shortly afterwards, I accompanied the then Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, on a visit to the school and she was able to see for herself why the money for a new building was so necessary.

“Seeing the progress of the works is so exciting – this new build will be such a boost for staff and pupils who for too long have had to work in facilities that are far from ideal and it will also bring renewed confidence and pride for the whole Helston community.”