European Maritime & Fisheries Fund

Applications for European Maritime & Fisheries Funds (EMFF)

The EMFF Scheme in England opened for applications on 18th January 2016. The €92.1m available budget will provide for:

  • Improving health, safety and working conditions on fishing vessels
  • Improving the added value or quality of fish caught including the use of unwanted catches
  • Investments in fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters
  • Processing of fishery and aquaculture products
  • Gear replacements for selectivity and reducing impact on environment
  • Investments in aquaculture

Examples of successful projects to date:

Purchase of 200 new shellfish pots with improved design to only target lobster and reduce by catch of spider crab @80% funding.

1000 fish boxes for small harbour for improving fish quality @ 75% funding

Life raft, PLB, life jacket, VHF radio, safety rails, LED lighting and new non slip deck for u12m static gear vessel @80%

Landing cranes, CCTV and storage racking for small harbour @75% funding

Small processing business expansion – stainless steel worktop, vacuum packer, blast freezer, wrapping & banding machine @ 50% funding


If you would like further support or information on the EMFF contact 01736 364324 or