Edward Hain Community Hospital

Edward Hain Community Hospital (to reopen its beds in October)

People have been genuinely concerned that the beds at Edward Hain Hospital in St Ives would remain closed.

Many will remember that I met with local GPs, health campaigners and the CEO of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (who now run our community hospitals). We united to ensure there was no doubt in any minds, including NHS Prop Co (who are responsible for the building) that we wanted the beds to reopen as quickly as possible.

I am informed that the beds should open in October following the completion of the work below:

Replacing the kitchen ceiling – and other ceilings if needed – to make them more fire resistant

Measures to stop the spread of smoke, including installing new fire doors

Replacing the fire detection and alarm system and installing additional detectors

It's good that we now have an idea as to when the beds will reopen. This is very important in order to maintain confidence that the Community Hospital will 'return to normal'. People have come together in support of Edward Hain and, when the beds reopen, we can celebrate the fact that by working together we can ensure the best services for those who need our care. Please be assured that we will continue to work together to make sure Edward Hain Hospital is fully open and fully used.