Ebola and Big data

Colleagues and I, who serve on the Science and Technology, continued our enquiries into the Ebola Outbreak and big data at Queens College Oxford. We are looking closely at the UK's response to the Ebola Outbreak and what lessons have been learnt to prepare for future such events. We are also looking at the benefits and opportunities afforded by the use of big data and how we inform people about the potential risks associated with third parties accumulating large quantities of information about us when we access services online etc.

Pictured here with Professor Nick Rawlins, Pro-Vice-Chancellor in Convocation House. Expert witnesses quizzed by the committee and six form students from schools across Oxford included Dr Amanda Rojek, Field Project Manager in Sierra Leone during the outbreak, Dr Laura Merson, Head of Data Sharing Initiatives and Dr Tom Rawlinson, Clinical Research Fellow of the Jenner Institute.