Earth Hour 2017

St Ives MP, Derek Thomas, marks Earth Hour 2017 by encouraging residents to get their smart meter.

23 March 2017: Derek Thomas MP is encouraging St Ives residents to make this Earth Hour matter this year, by contacting their energy supplier for a smart meter.

Earth Hour (8.30pm 25th March), which is run by WWF every year, encourages people to switch their lights off for one hour to show they care for the future of the planet. The theme for this year’s event is “Make your Earth Hour Matter’, and is calling on people to think about the small changes they can make to live more sustainably. 

Smart meters show you in pounds and pence how much energy you are using, in near real time. They help you spot the areas where you may be wasting energy, so you can take action to cut down. They will save an estimated 29.8 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030. They also provide meter readings directly to energy suppliers, meaning an end to estimated gas and electricity bills, and are being offered to all households in Great Britain at no extra cost. Residents of St Ives are being encouraged to contact their supplier to get their smart meter installed and make their Earth Hour matter.

Derek Thomas MP will mark Earth Hour by taking part in a mass Twitter ‘Thunderclap’, which is being run by Smart Energy GB, the national campaign for the smart meter rollout. Twitter users who sign up will all share the same message at the same time: encouraging people to get their gas and electricity use under control with the help of a smart meter.

Derek Thomas MP said: “Earth Hour is about taking the time to think about the small ways we can play our part in tackling climate change. Smart meters are a simple way for us all to see how much energy we’re using, and identify the ways we can waste a little less gas and electricity every day. Contacting your supplier to arrange your installation is the perfect way to make your Earth Hour matter this year.”

Claire Maugham, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, said: “More than eight in ten people with smart meters have taken steps to reduce energy use, so Earth Hour is a great opportunity to contact your supplier about arranging your upgrade.

“Smart meters lay the foundation for smarter energy grids, as well as being a unique platform for innovation across the industry. Embracing digital technology means we can all look towards a cleaner, greener Great Britain, with an efficient and intelligent energy system, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Contact your energy supplier to arrange your smart meter upgrade.

Sign up here to take part in the Smart Energy GB Earth Hour Thunderclap.