Derek welcomes Cornish schools funding announcement

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that the announcement that Cornwall’s per pupil funding will rise by £15.4 million (5.3%) during the coming academic year compared to 2017-18 taking into account changes in pupil numbers is a “welcome step in the right direction”.

He also says that the fact that 84% of Cornish schoolchildren now attend a school Ofsted-rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ demonstrates the “unswerving commitment” of schools in ensuring that Cornish children receive the best possible education.

The Government has announced that in 2019-20, the average (26 pupils) primary school class in Cornwall will receive £3,990 per pupil which equates to £105,098 for the class while the National Funding Formula for secondary schools will see each pupil receive £5,030 (or £132,508 for a class of 26).

Cornwall will also receive £20.5 million in Pupil Premium funding to support the 18,504 pupils eligible for the premium to enable them to perform better and close the gap with their peers. In addition, Cornwall will receive an extra £2.3 million to support children with High Needs.

A regular visitor to schools in the constituency, Mr Thomas has campaigned for several years for changes to the National Funding Formula after his discussions with school heads and welcomed Education Minister Nick Gibb to the constituency on a number of occasions as well as taking a contingent of heads to Westminster.

“There is no doubt that Cornwall’s schools have been left behind some of the other areas of the country when it comes to funding and I am delighted that in the next academic year, schools will see an increase in their funding – it is a welcome step in the right direction,” said Mr Thomas.

“Nevertheless there is much more that needs to be done – not only in terms of funding packages but also in finding ways to enable schools to use their money more efficiently.

“Headteachers, staff and governors have been unswerving in their commitment to raising standards despite the financial constraints they are under and I am therefore delighted that the education ministers have also committed to making the strongest possible case for education in the Spending Review.”