Derek Thomas: Is there a future for Mounts Bay?

Penzance Harbour 1

Penzance Harbour 2

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We are not taking good care of this incredible asset.

Something must be done to protect the coastline along Long Rock, Penzance and Newlyn. That is why I secured the visit of the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin MP, to Penzance to seek his support to regenerate the entire area. We must improve our links with Scilly and look at new ways of making our coastal location work for us.

I invited the Transport Secretary to meet with me on Penzance Harbour on route to the Isles of Scilly to seek his support for a number of important issues here in West Cornwall.

It is vital that we close the gap between wages here in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and the rest of UK. It is estimated that, in this Constituency, wages are 30% lower than the national average.

To close the gap we need to create new high skilled jobs.

Good transport links are essential to achieve this.

I used this visit by the Transport Secretary to stress the need to significantly reduce the journey time by rail from Penzance to London. I believe we can reduce the journey time by as much as 1.5hrs.

I asked the Transport Secretary for the Government to underwrite the cost of a new helicopter service to the Isles of Scilly for 3 years. If the Government agrees to be the guarantor of a new service an operator will have the confidence to reinstate this important link to Isles of Scilly.

Our MP was unable to secure the £100,000 required to study the feasibility of a breakwater to protect our coastline and harbours. I used the visit of the Secretary to petition him for this money and to support in principle the complete regeneration the seafront in Penzance. This is needed if we are to protect this important asset and attract new business opportunities to west Cornwall.

If you want to discuss these issues directly, contact me, Derek Thomas, on:Mobile: 07974 797754 and Email: