Derek takes part in climate change debate

I was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the debate today in Parliament titled ‘Tackling Climate Change, protecting the environment and securing global development’.

Once again I stressed the opportunity to make our economy much fairer in all corners of the UK by responding to the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation to support a massive skills agenda to ensure we have the skilled workforce we need to achieve the badly needed carbon reduction measures. This will create and spread wealth across the UK including West Cornwall and Scilly.

I also made the case to move more quickly to provide the infrastructure to ensure electric vehicles can be made widely available. The result; cut carbon and remove harmful particulates and reduce the cost of travelling. School pupils have been contacting me ‘at their wits end’ because they want to their schools to be plastic free. I raised in the debate that their frustration is caused because they feel powerless to stop the amount of unnecessary plastic that comes into schools from suppliers and they want Government to take firm action to address this.

There are some many other issues that could be covered so more debates are required!

To read the debate in full please click here