Derek to support motion for a general election

Last night I voted with the Government and Boris Johnson to keep a no deal Brexit on the table. I am not in favour of leaving the EU without a deal, but I believe that keeping that option open is a key part of our negotiations with Brussels.  

I was saddened, but not surprised, that a number of colleagues voted against the Government, which means today will be another long day of debate on what to do next. The truth is that the MP’s who are denying Brexit are the ones showing contempt for democracy and for the British People.

There's less than two months before the UK is due to leave the EU. If No Deal is taken away as an option this will significantly weaken our negotiating power with the EU, dampen our ability to secure a lasting relationship of cooperation and trade and will likely lead to an unacceptably long delay to Brexit, creating even more uncertainty. Today the opposition parties and rebel Tory MPs will try to pass a new law - to make the government ask the EU to delay Brexit until 31 January 2020, if successful this would then have to go to the House of Lords, there is very little time for all this due to prorogation of Parliament.  In response, Boris Johnson has made it clear that he would bring forward a motion for an early general election to stop MPs delaying Brexit any further. I accept now that this is the only way to address the deadlock here in Parliament and I’ll be supporting the motion because the British people can not continue to be treated in the way they.