Derek questions finalists in leadership battle

We now know what choice members of the Conservative Party have for a future leader and a future prime minister. I am writing to both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt asking them both to answer the following questions, not just so that members can make an informed choice but also because these things matter to West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

  • What plan have they got to ensure that we leave the European Union and enjoy a future relationship of trade and cooperation?
  • How are they going to deliver the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible?
  • What will they do to ensure that schools and colleges have the money they need to give our young people the best possible start?
  • Will they set out a vision and commitment of Government for small businesses and entrepreneurs?
  • What ideas have they got to ensure that people have access to good quality housing that they can afford?
  • What do they intend to do to make sure that people feel safe and that police have the resources they need?
  • Are they 100 percent committed to the funding of the NHS as promised by Theresa May and when will they set out their plans for funding social care for all?


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