Derek congratulates Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Minister

Many congratulations to Boris Johnson on being elected leader of the Conservatives and the next British Prime Minister! Boris kindly responded to my questions and I’ve taken just a fraction of his responses to each topic to set out how I hope things will pan out.

I hope that Boris will make a success of Brexit, defining a new relationship of co-operation and trade with the EU and providing much needed certainty for businesses.

However, there are many, many things that people are interested other than Brexit and I look forward to working on these issues alongside our new Prime Minister including:

  • A green economy - improving our air quality and reaching net zero emissions as soon as possible.
  • Making sure that every child achieves their full potential with much needed extra funding for schools.
  • Working to champion small business, including by delivering universal fibre by 2025.
  • Recognising how important it is to work with local authority leaders to deliver the homes and investment we need.
  • Raising police funding and increasing numbers and presence of officers.
  • Ensuring that the £394m a week that Theresa May pledged for the NHS reaches the front lines.

I attended a meeting of the Parliamentary Party this afternoon and Boris spoke with clarity, conviction, compassion and enthusiasm and I do believe he has a positive message that will help us to rediscover a self-confidence in Great Britain.