Derek adds support to Cornish climate change campaigners in Westminster

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas met Cornish Climate Change campaigners at the ‘Time is Now’ mass rally in Westminster earlier this week.

They are seeking support for three main demands:

Legislate to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and to clean up the environment

Scale up investment in measures to tackle the climate emergency

Put the environment at the heart of the UK’s international agenda.

Mr Thomas said: “It was great to meet with a small group of West Cornwall residents who had journeyed up to Westminster to make their voices heard.

“I am in support of all the demands they are making and, having persistently lobbied Government for greater action with regard to climate change, was delighted to discuss a range of issues with them.

“The problems we face are many and varied and this afternoon, farming and the environment, how to increase public engagement and how to involve our schoolchildren and students were all topics of conversation.

“Here in West Cornwall, I have been meeting regularly with numerous environment groups including Extinction Rebellion and am fully supportive of Cornwall’s commitment to be Carbon Free by 2030.

“To explore how we might achieve I have been in talks with Cornwall Council on how we could set up a citizen’s assembly to oversee this and I have also developed a Woodland Recovery 2020 project which will work with local schools and volunteers to plant 20,000 trees by the end of 2020.”