Dean Quarry

Those of us who are concerned about plans to extract rock from Dean Quarry on the Lizard Peninsula will be encouraged by news that the Government is reviewing the role tidal lagoons play in producing clean affordable energy.

Tidal lagoons have the potential to provide the country with clean and secure energy. However, they are untested and potentially costly and the Government is right to test whether tidal lagoons are part of the solution for the UK's energy supply.

Campaigners opposed to Dean Quarry's role with Swansea's Tidal Lagoon have long argued this plan is neither cost effective nor environmentally friendly. I support this view. Residents of the Lizard Peninsula deserve to know whether Dean Quarry is to be reopened for this purpose.

The uncertainty around this is beginning to take its toll and the community should be left in peace to invest in their businesses and concentrate on keeping these fairly isolated but caring communities alive!