Crowlas Bypass Now

Residents of Crowlas, Cockwells, Whitecross, Canonstown and Rose an Grouse will get the opportunity to hear the latest news on the A30 bypass proposals when local MP Derek
Thomas hosts an informal public meeting next week. He will be reporting on progress on the two proposals, the “ stop-gap “ interim scheme to improve safety and the long term
plan to build a new bypass to take the increasingly heavy through traffic away from these settlements Highways England, the body responsible for the country’s trunk roads, had originally
scheduled to carry out the interim scheme including traffic signals and speed restrictions later this year but this timetable is now under threat. The MP has had discussions with the Minister and Highways England and will report on these negotiations at the meeting.

Meanwhile the bypass proposal is undergoing appraisal under the Roads Infrastructure Strategy 2 programme for work to be undertaken between 2020 and 2025. The shortlist of
projects due to go forward is not due to be announced until 2019. “ One possible way of speeding up this process is a Petition to Parliament “ commented
bypass campaigner Charlie Cartwright, “ but we will need to demonstrate strong community support from the whole of West Cornwall “.

The meeting, which is open to all, will take place at 5.30 pm on 23 March at the Lamb and Flag.

For further information contact Joe Poynton ( Bypass campaigner ) on 07968824052