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Climate report recommends UK to go 'net zero' by 2050

The science is clear that if we continue to pump greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere, climate change will continue to get worse – temperatures will continue to rise, along with impacts and risks. To halt climate change at any level, we have to stop adding GHGs to the atmosphere.

Campaigners welcome Derek's support for onshore wind

Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, has signed a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister asking her to undo the blocks the government has placed on onshore wind energy. This support was welcomed today by 10:10 Climate Action and Power for People, who are coordinating the letter.

MPs vote against the Withdrawal Agreement

The very first campaign I ran as a political candidate back in December 2007 was to go to the Isles of Scilly, the most westerly point of the UK, to call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, i.e. EU membership.

MPs to vote on part of Theresa May's Deal

Today MPs will be asked to support the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement. The motion itself does not count as a ‘meaningful vote’ because it does not cover the future relationship with Europe. However, if it passes it will allow Article 50 to be extended to May 22.

No clear majority for any Brexit options

Tonight there have been a number of votes in Parliament, first a vote passing legislation to allow the UK to leave without a deal on April 12th rather than revoke Article 50, reversing the outcome of the EU referendum.

MPs vote against a No Deal Brexit outcome

You would be forgiven for feeling completely confused by the various votes and shenanigans going on in the Commons this evening. There are manoeuvres to stop Brexit and to bring down the Government which cannot be motivated by national interest.

May's deal rejected for a second time

Tonight MPs voted against Theresa May’s deal (242 in favour versus 391 against).

The deal was voted on shortly after legally binding changes to the backstop arrangement were announced. The deal would have allowed the UK to leave the EU in a managed way on the 29th March.