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MPs vote against a No Deal Brexit outcome

You would be forgiven for feeling completely confused by the various votes and shenanigans going on in the Commons this evening. There are manoeuvres to stop Brexit and to bring down the Government which cannot be motivated by national interest.

May's deal rejected for a second time

Tonight MPs voted against Theresa May’s deal (242 in favour versus 391 against).

The deal was voted on shortly after legally binding changes to the backstop arrangement were announced. The deal would have allowed the UK to leave the EU in a managed way on the 29th March.

MPs to have meaningful vote on Brexit in March

MPs rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal on 15 January by a record majority of 230. They returned to the House of Commons on 29 January, and again on 14 February, to debate the government's response.

PM given mandate to take negotiations back to Brussels

MPs have given the PM a clear mandate to return to Brussels to address the issue of the backstop. I have consistently said that I believed a withdrawal agreement could secure the support of enough MPs if concerns over the backstop could be addressed.