Speeches in Parliament

Derek asks Minister to help small businesses achieve net zero

In the Commons Chamber today I pressed the Government to consider how we can make interest-free loans available to small businesses to retro-fit their buildings and install renewable energy technologies such as the fund that enables publicly-owned buildings to become more efficient.

Derek takes part in climate change debate

I was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the debate today in Parliament titled ‘Tackling Climate Change, protecting the environment and securing global development’.

Let's end discrimination in sport

I remember being at a football match many years ago—it was a long game that had gone into a bit of extra time— and, looking around, someone said, “There are 22,000 people here badly in need of exercise and 22 people out there badly in need of a rest.” I was reminded of this last month during a de

Derek roots for local tree planting

This week I met with the Minister David Rutley, responsible for forests and woodland, following a question in Parliament which I put to the Environment Secretary Michael Gove MP, seeking his support for communities who want to plant trees to improve air quality and the natural environment.

Derek pushes for better policing

A common sore point I hear about from my constituents is the lack of police on the street and the dire state of police funding. This is particularly bad in smaller towns and villages, where many feel crime is not dealt with effectively and there is a real lack of faith in the system.