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Hard work will ensure an exciting future for the UK as we leave the EU

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that while he is relieved by the fact that Parliament has finally done what it was tasked to do and that the UK has now left the EU, much hard work must be done to ensure the country capitalises on the opportunities that independence brings.

Preparing for trade negotiations

A Department for International Trade briefing carried out by the Comptroller and Auditor General which sets out the Government's plans and progress to date in opening up overseas markets to UK businesses. It focuses in particular on preparations for negotiating free trade agreements.

Resolving the Brexit Impasse

A route to a clear and authentic Brexit is now more confused and difficult than ever after the Commons decision to vote down the Withdrawal Agreement for a third time, and its failure to agree on an alternative in the recent indicative votes.

Number 10 Has the Brexit Key - Briefings for Brexit

Britain has made extensive and detailed preparations to leave the EU under WTO rules – the so called ‘No Deal’.  But much of this is being kept secret and even held up by Downing Street in order to frighten MPs and the country into supporting the Prime Minister’s discredited ‘deal’.  MPs and even

European elections and a longer extension to Article 50 - House of Commons Library

The European Parliament (EP) elections are scheduled for 23-26 May 2019. The EU says the UK will have to take part if it is still an EU Member State when they take place, although others disagree. The Government has accepted the EU position and the Prime Minister is now proposing a further Article 50 extension that will enable the UK to leave the EU by 22 May.