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The “meaningful vote” deferred: What now?

On Monday 10 December, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons she would no longer be asking it to vote on the motion to approve her deal with the EU on Tuesday 11 December.

Derek's Column: Brexit

Bewildered, confused, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, stumped, mystified, stupefied, nonplussed, muddled and befuddled. I refer to reactions amongst the public to the parliamentary activity (or otherwise) regarding the Withdrawal Agreement.

Letter from the Attorney General

What is the legal effect of the UK agreeing to the Protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement-on Ireland and Northern Ireland in particular its effect in conjunction with Articles 5 and 184 of the main Withdrawal Agreement?

Backstop/Northern Ireland and Ireland Protocol

The main issue that could lead to Parliament rejecting the Withdrawal Agreement is the backstop which is referred to as the Northern Ireland and Ireland Protocol. In response to questions raised with me I asked the following question to the House of Commons Library.

Article 50

Can the UK revoke Article 50 and stay in EU on same terms as now? Can an independent state withdraw from a treaty it doesn't like?