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400 billion tonnes of ice melted into the sea in Greenland in 2012. Four times more than in 2003. The ice is melting faster than expected and in regions where the ice was not expected to melt. Should the ice melt altogether then the sea level would rise by 23 feet.

Valentine's Day vote on Brexit

Tonight, Thursday 14th February, MPs voted on a motion, mainly acknowledging that the Brexit process is ongoing and restating the House’s support for the Government’s approach.

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I am receiving an unprecedented number of emails, the majority calling on me to support or reject the Brexit withdrawal agreement. I will not pretend that I can realistically respond to every one, simply because of the sheer number.

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‘In the international interest and delivering a good Brexit’ is how the Prime Minister is promoting the draft Withdrawal Bill and declaration of our future relationship with the EU.

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This week is UK Parliament Week, the aim being to inspire an interest in parliament, politics and democracy and encourage young people and the public to engage with our democratic system and institutions.

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Many will be aware of the initiative to establish the England Coast Path.

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A theme that crops up when discussing Brexit is what support Cornwall and Scilly can expect once EU Structural Funds are no longer available. The Government has committed to a ‘Shared Prosperity Fund’ as the successor and a consultation as to how this is distributed is to be launched soon.