Brexit delayed until January

This month the Prime Minister, secured a revised deal between the UK and the EU. The backstop was replaced with new custom arrangements. This is to enable a smooth Brexit across the island of Ireland and to allow the UK (entire and complete) to plough on with securing a future relationship with the EU and to negotiate its own trade deals. The first time Boris put the deal to Parliament, an amendment was voted through by a group of cross party MPs to postpone the “meaningful vote” and to force the PM to ask Brussels for an extension to the current October 31st Brexit deadline. This meant the PM was required by law to send a letter to the EU, to ask for another Brexit delay. The Withdrawal Bill was voted on last week - MPs backed the Bill - but minutes later voted against the timetable given to getting it out, leaving it in limbo.

As of yesterday EU leaders have agreed to a Flexstension until 31 January 2020 at the latest. We need to pass the revised Withdrawal Agreement and we can then leave! Also, yesterday MPs rejected the Prime Minister’s call for an early election on 12 December (I voted to support it). Later today, Boris will table a short bill for an election on 12 December. With this, the Government would not need 66% of MPs to support it (as they needed last night), but a simple majority of one. The SNP and Lib Dems say they want an election so it is possible to break the deadlock before Christmas!


What happens next?