Blog: Radiotherapy Consultation and Environment Plan

The consultation about how a new investment of £130m into radiotherapy for less common and rare cancers is used concludes next week (24th January). The most important thing BBC Radio Cornwall could have done when Lawrence Reed covered the issue on Monday would have been to call everyone to action and get people to take part in the consultation (which is what I've been doing from the outset of this particular subject). I have made it clear to NHS England that I would not support existing services being moved from RCHT (NHS England stress that this is not the intention). Please share your views on the online survey

I take seriously the need to encourage participation in these consultations. Last year's consultation on patient transport (most people who contributed live in this constituency) has led to a delay in implementation and a review of the original intention.

The Prime Minister has launched the 25 Year Environment Plan, highlighting our steps for a cleaner, greener Britain and pledge to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste. This is off the back of the fact that the amount of single-use plastic wasted every year in the UK would fill 1,000 Royal Albert Halls. Under the plans, supermarkets will be urged to introduce "plastic-free" aisles where shoppers can pick up products which are not packaged in plastic. The Government will use aid money to help developing countries tackle pollution and reduce plastic waste, increase marine protected areas in the UK and establish a protected "blue belt" in Overseas Territories. Meanwhile plans to help more children engage with the environment will include £10 million for school visits and a programme to create school grounds which allow youngsters to learn more about the natural world.

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As a back-bench MP I will be looking to see how we can accelerate moves to reduce single-use plastic more quickly, including introducing a plastic bottle deposit scheme and arguing for legislation that will give industry no excuse but to develop more planet-friendly solutions to how we package and wrap products if packaging is necessary. The truth is that whilst it is important that Government does all it can to drive down plastic waste, we, the consumers, hold the most power. We can choose not to buy those items that are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. I know that my household could recycle more and avoid (where possible) single-use plastic.

I had a launch of my own last week, starting a series of meetings open to residents, business owners, charities and churches seeking their views and ideas about the future of Helston. With the support of Cllr Gillian Geer, the Mayor of Helston, I am seeking to draw together a small number of key priorities that people can agree on to help to build a vibrant and prosperous town. There are eleven events planned in total and I will be organising additional opportunities to meet with Navy personnel, young people and giving every resident the opportunity to contribute thoughts and ideas in writing.