Blog: Radio Therapy Consultation

NHS England is running a consultation on radiotherapy services in England. Radiotherapy is a core part of modern cancer treatment where radiation is used to kill harmful cells. There are many different ways you can have radiotherapy, each of which damage cancer cells stopping them from spreading in the body. Last year £130 million was committed to developing ‘state-of-the-art’ radiotherapy treatment and NHS England are looking at maximising the effectiveness of this new equipment creating 11 regional Radiotherapy Networks across the UK.

They are proposing a single Radiotherapy Network for all eight providers in the South West, with different levels of service depending on the catchment population of each centre. Various radiotherapy cancer treatments could be moved from Cornwall to Plymouth and Exeter. Have your say. It is vitally important that anyone with an interest in healthcare takes part in this consultation which is currently taking place until 24th January I want to ensure that cancer patients in West Cornwall are not placed at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the best radiotherapy treatment possible.
You can either email, or write to: Radiotherapy Consultation, NHS England, Floor 3B, Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH with your views. You can also visit….

Thousands of families are missing out from getting an affordable home to rent (and then buy) because Cornwall Council stubbornly refuses to embrace a rent-to-buy model despite this model being used to build significant numbers of family homes just across the border in Plymouth.

I’ve been doing everything I can to get council officers to follow this lead for the simple reason that houses that have already received planning approval (but as yet are not built) could be built, funded by institutional investment, at no public cost. Families then pay a discounted tent (80% market rent or Local Housing Allowance, whichever is lower). Families then have the opportunity to purchase the property in the future and are gifted, at the point of purchase, 10% of the property’s market value to reduce their mortgage cost; overcoming the deposit barrier.

Unlike shared equity models, tenants become 100% homeowners and can access a range of (and less expensive) mortgage options. people aspire to owning a home simply because it gives them greater security and control over their lives and reduces the cost of living. It is a disgrace that Cornwall Council stand in the way – I don’t understand why because rent-to-buy contributes to an efficient use of social housing by moving people from the housing waiting list and existing social housing properties. If you share my frustration please make your views known and write to Cornwall Council’s affordable housing team.
Consensus has been reached regarding the rights of EU Nationals here and UK Nationals on Mainland Europe, the controversial ‘divorce bill’ and the Irish Border concern. Brexit negotiations can now move to trade. The curious thing is that our eventual trading relationship will largely determine these three key areas so nothing is set in stone yet but the progress is welcome.