Battery Rocks

I attended a meeting at the Acorn Theatre this evening to rally support for our efforts to get Cornwall Council to repair the steps by Battery Rocks (that many people use to access the sea).

These steps have been in need of repairs for sometime now and we had been led to believe that the steps would be repaired whilst contractors were carrying out the work on Jubilee Pool. This has not been done.

The Council have more work to do on the pool to create access for disabled people and our hope is that this relatively minor work can be done at the same time. The thrust of the argument seems to revolve around the ownership of the steps and who should pay. So far Cornwall Council have taken responsibility for repairs to Newlyn Green, the Prom and the Jubilee Pool using large amounts of Government cash following the storms of February 2014.

People that use the steps are of the opinion that these steps are all part of the same Infrastructure and the Council should have done the work before now.

Low tides in September and October present the best opportunity to carry out the repairs required.