Another Brexit extension…

It is my belief that it would have been far better to have left the EU on 29th March. The Government and Parliament had plenty of time to have prepared the ground for this.

However, this is not to be and we have now been given an extension until the end of October 2019. It is essential that colleagues must now stop working to frustrate the will of the British public.

I still firmly believe that we must honour the referendum result and must deliver Brexit. This isn’t about losing our relationship with the EU, it’s about defining a new relationship, a relationship of co-operation and trade with the EU and that’s why we need to get on with leaving. The 31st of October isn’t necessarily the day we leave, it is the latest day we must leave by. My preference is to leave before there is any requirement to take part in European elections. Then we need a new leader of the Conservative party. We need to work hard across the House of Commons and Lords and find out what future relationship we want, working with, and listening to the British public. 

Conservative MPs recognise that under this new leader we have a job on our hands to ensure our children get the best start in life which includes funding education adequately. The NHS and social care is working better together in Cornwall but we must not take our eye off the ball. We must build the homes people need and can afford, accelerate measures to reduce harmful emissions and protect and enhance our natural environment. Under a new leader, we have the opportunity to get back to giving people a stake in our country, in Great Britain, which includes restoring the faith in politics, in our democracy and restoring confidence in Great Britain.