Advice for Helston businesses on anti-social behaviour

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is urging Helston businesses to make sure they report any instances of anti-social behaviour to help make the town centre a more welcoming place to visit.

The idea came from a recent Business Forum meeting attended by the local Police Sector Inspector Ian Thompson.

As forum members detailed instances of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and shop-lifting in the town, Inspector Thompson said that police help was available – but that he couldn’t deploy extra patrols and resources without precise knowledge of individual incidents.

“The key message that came across at what was a very positive meeting was that people must report problems when they occur,” said Mr Thomas.

“Without having the evidence of what is happening on the ground, Inspector Thompson cannot argue for more resources on the ground.

“The advice is to phone 999 if the incident is actually happening and requires an immediate response or to call 101 or email if an emergency response is not required.

“However, given that calling the 101 number can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming process, I would strongly recommend taking a minute or two to write an email – the incident is thenlogged and can be used to make the case for future policing operations.

“This information will not only help Inspector Thompson here at a local level, it will also assist me at Westminster when I meet ministers to make the case for more police funding.”