A30 Petition and Helston Businesses

With Parliament in recess the opportunity exists to focus attention on the loose ends that are created during 'term-time'. A significant loose end is the outstanding safety measures that have been promised (not yet delivered) on the A30 from St Erth to Newtown Roundabout, Penzance. This week I have launched a petition to increase pressure on Highways England and Cornwall Council so that this work can be accelerated. The petition calls for the safety measures to be implemented including a consistent speed limit, better signage and road markings, and traffic lights on the Rospeath junction at Crowlas (to be operated during heavy traffic). The petition also calls on Highways England to include a new road to bypass the villages in the Road Investment Strategy 2 (following the Temple works and Chiverton dual carriageway to commence in 2019). As I have been out this week collecting signatures I have met people who have little faith that this will ever take place given that it has been talked about for 40+ years. I understand this completely but I can assure them that the action group, other campaigners and myself are not willing to rest until we have succeeded. With Temple open and the Truro section confirmed and in development, there is reason to have faith this time and I'm convinced that, with plans to regenerate Mounts Bay and plans to build new homes in West Penwith, the A30 route is in desperate need of investment. 

Helston enjoys a rich range of independent shops - enough of an offer to visitors, both from the area and those on holiday. However, for many years Helston has had its share of challenges and some shops struggle to thrive. I have recently joined with a small group of business owners and local community leaders to see what we can do to ensure this historic town enjoys a prosperous future. Helston was my local town as a youngster and I believe that, with the navy base and growing population, the future is bright - like most town centres there is a need to define what that future should look like.