120 years Anniversary of Porthleven Associated Football Club

Porthleven AFC is holding major event on Saturday 9th July at Out of the Blue, Mill Lane, Porthleven to celebrate their 120th Anniversary,

This event will be hosted by Simon and Kim Stone and organised by Porthleven Online Museum which has much of the club history in its archive.
It will be attended by Mrs Diana Smeath, granddaughter of Mr John Dolman the founder of the club and at that time headmaster of Porthleven Church of England School.

Mrs Smeath will be presenting a commemorative cup to the club to mark this event.

Apart from the presentation above there will be entertainment by The Singing Seagulls, reminiscences by past club players, a show reel of vintage club photographs plus food for sale and your favourite Spingo ale.

A major football guest speaker - Kenny Sansom, Ex-England and Arsenal Star.

This is also a chance for you to view the UNIQUE permanent Collection of nearly 1000 of Porthleven’s Historic Photographs which cover all the walls of the establishment.

Event commences at midday.

For further information contact Alan Ziemann on 01326 564401

How Porthleven Museum Originated

Mike Carter and Alan Ziemann became aware of the quantity of images and text collected by families recording generations of people and massive changes to the village and living styles of its residents. Porthleven has a pocket of trapped history which is ideal for an online museum for all to share.
To begin with Chris and Pam Pascoe kindly allowed us access to Alfie Pascoe’s life time records. It took us well over a year to select and scan a large sample of Alfie’s life and recordings of village development and activity.

Alan’s enthusiasm resulted in spreading the word and stimulating interest. Soon people were bringing forward their collections to scan and return.

Rod Stephens volunteered to join us and over two years, having received thousands of images, created the window to the museum by organising the display of the images at Out of the Blue, Mill Lane, sponsored by Simon and Kim Stone. Other than Out of the Blue, the Porthleven database has been utilised for the Historic Booklet for Rick Stein’s Restaurant and recently the Porthleven Town Trail.

The museum has a selected number of people who have agreed to act as Trustees and we have now registered an interest in the museum funding scheme.

What of the Future?

This is YOUR website. Porthleven owns the scans and we want to make sure that YOU take ownership of them. We would welcome anyone who has historical photographs or documents of the village or its residents to bring them forward for scanning and give them to either Alan Ziemann or Rod Stephens. Or maybe you could volunteer to assist in loading the many images yet to be put on the site and contact either Alan Ziemann or Mike Carter. Or more importantly interact with the site and load YOUR OWN. Or as you peruse the site you can identify more places and people to add to our information by submitting it to the website.

The current website www.porthlevenmuseum.org.uk can be accessed by anyone and YOU can sign in and add YOUR own history. Please do this and make our history record grow of the Porthleven we all love and cherish. Once we have caught up with the information currently donated to the museum it is our wish to open the project to Porthleven School in the hope they will participate at an early age.

Your database of photographs and documents is now numbering in excess of 6700 files and 10gb of in size.

The ultimate aim is to record our history as it happens, after all today makes tomorrow’s history.

Contacts Alan Ziemann 01326 564401. Mike Carter 01326 560811. Rod Stephens 01326 565342