10 cost saving tips to keep your home in good energy efficiency order this Winter.

1. Heating system - get your heating system and gas
appliances serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Include a
chemical inhibitor– to protect against sludge and limescale.

2. Hot Water - check your cylinder insulation, the pipes running to and from it and set the hot water thermostat to no more than 60°C - this will still provide hot water and is safer for children.

3. Radiators - remove trapped air, use thermostatic valves - keep
them low or turned off in rooms that aren’t used. And don’t cover them.

4. Controls - install intelligent heating controls – this could not only save you money, it will provide flexibility and efficiency. Programme your heating to suit your lifestyle and the weather.

5. Check your pipes - check all pipework to ensure that there
are no leaks, fix any drips and lag pipes to avoid bursts.

6. Heat only what you use - only heat the room you use the most, you don’t have to use the central heating to heat the entire house, a gas fire can also be used inexpensively as a single source of heat.

7. Update your heating system - inefficient boilers cost you more
and emit higher levels of carbon dioxide than modern condensing

8. Keep the heat in – When heating your home, warm air pulls cold air from outside, in, so block draughts and draw your curtains – properly fitted curtains act as a great insulation reducing heat loss through glass.

9. Know your system - knowing how to use your heating system
and controls properly is the key to delivering savings.

10. If you don’t know, ask - your local Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to advise you on all of the tips above.

83% of your home energy use is heating and hot water you may also be able to get additional help with your bills Winter Fuel Payment - if you receive a state pension and were born on or before 5 July 1952, you will receive the Winter Fuel Payment which is worth between £100 and £300.
Cold Weather Payment - in periods of extreme weather, people claiming certain benefits will receive £25 a day to help with the costs of heating their home.
Warm Home Discount - this one-off payment gives eligible older and low-income consumers £140 off their energy bill.
For full details and eligibility, visit www.gov.uk/warmthiswinter or contact your local citizens advice bureau.