Local Growth Matters

Everyone should have the ability to find highly-skilled, well-paid employment where they live. Unemployment is currently below the national average, however wages in Cornwall are significantly lower than the average in England. I want to change that and transform our economy by improving connections between local economies to drive growth and form better access to the labour market. 

Here I hope to keep you up to date on local growth developments and opportunities. 


    Derek welcomes Cornish schools funding announcement

    West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that the announcement that Cornwall’s per pupil funding will rise by £15.4 million (5.3%) during the coming academic year compared to 2017-18 taking into account changes in pupil numbers is a “welcome step in the right direction”.

    MP's Column

    Cornwall Councillors want to play their part in reducing harmful emissions and protecting and enhancing our natural environment. Unless local authorities follow Cornwall’s lead, the Government has no chance of reducing the UK’s carbon footprint to net zero.

    MP's Column

    To promote widely and wildly what Cornwall Council already has in place to help cut costs and cut carbon is my 15th suggestion for Cornwall Council’s Carbon-Free Plan. 

    Have your say on future flood policy

    Over the coming decades, flood and coastal erosion risks will increase as a result of population growth and climate change. Rainfall patterns will change, extreme weather events will become more common and sea levels will rise.

    Carbon Free Cornwall - My Suggestions

    As Cornwall Council considers what should be in the plan to be Carbon Free by 2030 I thought it would be of interest to set out each week some of the ideas and opportunities that could be grasped to help achieve this worthy ambition.

    Derek asks Minister to help small businesses achieve net zero

    In the Commons Chamber today I pressed the Government to consider how we can make interest-free loans available to small businesses to retro-fit their buildings and install renewable energy technologies such as the fund that enables publicly-owned buildings to become more efficient.