Keeping West Cornwall Special

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly are known around the world for their Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From coastline to countryside our landscape is an asset to be protected and handed down to future generations. I want to see that we seize an opportunity to better protect and preserve our environment when we leave the European Union. 


1. Engage businesses and councils to deliver environmental benefits in West Cornwall, including helping to achieve a 'plastic free' status

I want to protect our environment by working with local stakeholders and governmental bodies to resolve current pollution and conservation issues. For example, plastic is a significant contributor towards damaging our environment yet most plastic waste is avoidable. Encouraging businesses to reduce plastic use in packaging and working with local communities to keep the environment clean is a top priority to ensure West Cornwall becomes plastic free. It is also important to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of decision making during Brexit and after leaving the EU.

2. Develop sustainable infrastructure which will be accessible for local families across West Cornwall, whilst making sure that we protect and enhance our environment.

Modern living requires us to have homes with reliable phone and broadband infrastructures, as well as good roads with improved access to other communities in the towns and places to work. However this must be achieved in harmony with our natural environment. Keeping West Cornwall special captures work I’m doing to strike the right balance so that our natural environment is protected whilst remaining a place where people can live, work and raise their families.

Recent Action:

  • One way I have been targeting reducing plastic waste is through my visits to schools within the constituency. During these visits, I educate the children on the importance of preserving the environment and encourage them to write to their local supermarkets to ask them to reduce their plastic packaging.
  • I value the importance of constituents coming to me to raise their concerns and I aim to resolve these issues as best I can. This is important to ensure our communities exhibit high living standards and are appealing, healthy and clean. I have already invested in resolving issues regarding odour, noise, and light pollution from the Hayle Sewage Treatment Works at St Erth brought to me by my constituents.
  • I am also currently working on an initiative which will reduce light pollution and protect our ‘Dark Skies’.
  • I recently met with the Women’s Institute to discuss climate change and my commitment to pressure the government to reduce carbon emissions, as well as my current work within Cornwall focusing on reducing emissions from our homes, and what steps are being taken to protect our coastal towns from flooding.


Campaigners welcome Derek's support for onshore wind

Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, has signed a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister asking her to undo the blocks the government has placed on onshore wind energy. This support was welcomed today by 10:10 Climate Action and Power for People, who are coordinating the letter.

Planting 20,000 Trees by the end of 2020

Our planet matters. Today I asked Dr Thérèse Coffey, Environment Minister if she would meet with me to support a project to plant 20,000 trees with school children across West Cornwall by the end of 2020 to help address air quality.

Flood grant of £1.4 million should help safeguard Mousehole

Mousehole is just one of a dozen areas across England that has been awarded significant cash to address the risk of flooding.

The total sum being spent in Mousehole now amounts to £1.4m which will be used by the Environment Agency to reduce the flood risk across the village.