Everyone should have the ability to find highly-skilled, well-paid employment where they live. Unemployment is currently below the national average, however wages in Cornwall are significantly lower than the average in England. I want to change that and transform our economy by improving connections between local economies to drive growth and form better access to the labour market.


1. To support initiatives that drive growth in our economy

I have been working to encourage greater investment into local businesses from affluent markets such as London. Helping local businesses thrive increases their ability to create revenue, generate jobs and raises the earning potential of their workers. Events such as the Porthleven Expo are raising the profile of our high-quality producers and creators, whilst services such as the Cornish Express provide them with the infrastructure needed to deliver their products to market. I also secured £3 million for a high-tech work hub in St Ives.

2. To encourage infrastructure projects that will support small businesses

I believe it is crucial that St Ives is both physically and digitally accessible therefore I am campaigning for better road and rail networks to connect local business hubs, as well as improving mobile network and broadband services. Not only will this make our own economy stronger and more efficient but it will support our vibrant tourism industry. In Cornwall, £2.6bn is generated a year by tourism which supports 53,000 jobs. I have secured £3 million for Cornwall Council to deliver rural services, and also helped in the process of a new train care centre in Long Rock which generated new engineering jobs.

Recent Action:

  • I meet regularly with industry professionals across different sectors. Through these meetings I help by solving problems locally and escalating larger issues to Westminster. To see the work I have been doing with local businesses please click here.
  • I am campaigning to ensure that rural broadband and mobile networks are not left in the slow lane. Many local businesses rely on the internet to attract customers who travel from all over the country and abroad. I am campaigning for better road and rail networks to connect local business hubs. To see the work I have been doing on the A30 Bypass please click here.




    Meet Megan our apprentice! #NationalApprenticeshipWeek

    This week (4-8 March) is National Apprenticeship Week, celebrating the impact of apprenticeships on individuals, employers and the economy – and one young person who has definitely benefitted from this type of training is a 16-year-old from Penzance.

    Derek Thomas welcomes Penzance heliport approval

    West Cornwall MP has welcomed the decision of Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee to approve planning permission for a heliport at Penzance.

    "I believe this unanimous decision will prove a boon for many," said Mr Thomas."