I am determined to do what I can to ensure that the NHS works for one and all and that we properly integrate health and social care. The Health Select Committee has real sway in defining Government policy and working on it will give me a much greater opportunity to find ways of bringing care closer to home and ensuring it has the money it needs.


1. Enhance the role of GP Surgeries

I believe that GPs must be listened to more by NHS Managers. They have been working for years to develop local plans and have a strong grasp of how community management can help improve patient welfare. I am working to make sure that GPs are no longer the last to be consulted when it comes to improving patient care and reducing demand in urgent care. 

2. Increase the role of Community Pharmacies

Pharmacists are ideally situated to provide focused care and advice within the community. Recent years have seen the profession make moves into providing smoking, sexual health, and drug and alcohol services. Expansion of pharmacy prescriptions would further increase the potential of such services. Further developing the pharmacist’s contribution to the management of common clinical conditions and developing new models of delivery of primary care services in partnership with GPs is one of my aims to help provide better integration of community care.

Recent Action:

  • I recently launched an inquiry run by an independently-minded panel. This panel met with two dozen health professionals, campaigners, and local Councillors to determine how health services should develop in West Cornwall.
  • I am also working with the Council and the Government following Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust going into special measures. This has included  encouraging more investment into the NHS as well as locally, such as working to re-open beds in Edward Hain Community Hospital
  • As your MP I am fighting hard to ensure that service provision is delivered to a high standard. One of the keys to developing our local health services is to integrate health and social care. I have been working with the Government to encourage investment, improving integration of health and social care services and protecting community pharmacies.



Derek recognises the need for more NHS dentist provision

I recognise the need for comprehensive access to NHS dentists and myself and other Cornish MPs are working with Cornwall Council, Cornwall NHS and NHS England to try and improve access to NHS dentists. The following is what the current situation is in Cornwall and the rest of England;