Better health and social care

I want to continue with the close integration of health and care services as well as pressing for more NHS dentists and better diagnostic services closer to home.


Derek welcomes boost in NHS doctor and nurse numbers

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that latest figures showing a significant increase in the number of doctors and nurses working in the NHS in Cornwall are an encouraging sign that Government policies are working.

MP's Column

‘I entirely recognise the strong desire to reflect the pride that we feel in our different parts of the United Kingdom. We are at the start of a process. I am not saying either yes or no; we are simply at too early a stage in this process to decide.

NHS Trade and Nurses Pay!

A couple of concerns have arisen following the Trade Bill passing through Parliament and Chancellor, Rishi Sunak’s speech (both 21st July).  One is the perceived risk to the NHS from future trade deals and the other is the apparent exclusion of nurses from newly announced pay rises.

Restarting NHS dental services

Dental practices have been closed throughout the coronavirus pandemic with services limited to emergency dental care only in urgent dental centres located across the country.

MP's Column

There are many aspects of the job of Member of Parliament for West Cornwall and Scilly that are rewarding and worthwhile but not much tops the opportunity to meet constituents at the drop-in events, the latest of which I hosted in various pubs last week.

MP's Column

Few would disagree that it is a matter of strategic national interest to ensure that our country can feed itself. For the first time in over 40 years we have a historic opportunity to design a domestic agricultural policy that will create a more productive and sustainable farming sector.

MPs Column: The NHS is not for sale

After the coldest, wettest, windiest General Election campaign here in West Cornwall and Scilly I’m relieved and grateful to be re-elected for the third time as the Member of Parliament for St Ives.