Community Matters

Thriving local communities have much better outcomes on a number of fronts, including health and mental well-being. Much of my career before standing to be your MP was spent working in the local voluntary sector and I aim to ensure that social isolation is something that remains in the forefront of everyone’s minds. I have developed a number of initiatives that help vulnerable adults become more independent, giving them the opportunity to gain skills enabling them to secure long-term employment. Supporting local communities is deeply important to me personally and is one of my priorities as your MP. 

I am in favour of refurbishing empty houses and converting empty spaces above shops into homes. They are scattered across the constituency and could house local people relatively quickly. If you know of any properties which have been empty for a long time please feel free to contact me. I am also the Secretary for the Healthy Homes and Buildings APPG which focuses on the general health and well being of those who are living and/or working in poor quality and unhealthy environments.

To read more about what I am doing to support communities locally, and for information on wider national developments in this area, please browse the articles below. 


Derek welcomes Cornish schools funding announcement

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that the announcement that Cornwall’s per pupil funding will rise by £15.4 million (5.3%) during the coming academic year compared to 2017-18 taking into account changes in pupil numbers is a “welcome step in the right direction”.

MP's Column

Cornwall Councillors want to play their part in reducing harmful emissions and protecting and enhancing our natural environment. Unless local authorities follow Cornwall’s lead, the Government has no chance of reducing the UK’s carbon footprint to net zero.

Have your say on future flood policy

Over the coming decades, flood and coastal erosion risks will increase as a result of population growth and climate change. Rainfall patterns will change, extreme weather events will become more common and sea levels will rise.

Constituents Riding for Adam – The Story Continues

Mark Bayliss, a local constituent and James Van Cleef, his brother-in-law, are fundraising for Cancer Research UK in memory of Adam Van Cleef, James’ son and Mark’s nephew, who they lost to cancer in June 2018.

Let's end discrimination in sport

I remember being at a football match many years ago—it was a long game that had gone into a bit of extra time— and, looking around, someone said, “There are 22,000 people here badly in need of exercise and 22 people out there badly in need of a rest.” I was reminded of this last month during a de

West Cornwall Celebrates the Great Get Together

Today sees the start of the third Great Get Together celebration which is inspired by the memory of former Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox, who was tragically killed on 16 June 2016.

There are a number of events planned to celebrate all that unite us including:


Derek's call for extra bank holiday falls on 'tin ears'

A CALL by West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas for an extra Bank Holiday next year to help those adversely affected by a shift to the early May date to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day has fallen on ‘tin ears’.

Derek pushes for better policing

A common sore point I hear about from my constituents is the lack of police on the street and the dire state of police funding. This is particularly bad in smaller towns and villages, where many feel crime is not dealt with effectively and there is a real lack of faith in the system.