Speeding in rural villages

Derek has discussed the wide-spread concern of speeding in rural villages with Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

She is drafting plans to support local villages where there is support of 80% or more of the community to increase speed restrictions. Devon and Cornwall Police will apply pressure on Cornwall Council to introduce reduced speed limits where the community is in favour of these measures. Many will argue that reduced speed limits do not slow traffic unless you apply enforcement measures as well. However, all the evidence shows that in a 30 mph limit area most people will travel at around that speed. Where 20mph limits are introduced most people's behaviour adjusts and they drive at around or close to that speed.


12th April, 2017

Derek hosted a meeting with Alison and West Cornwall's Neighbourhood Policing Team.


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30mph for the A30 (Crowlas)

After a difficult virtual meeting with Highways England and Cornwall Council officers we have finally got traction to step up safety work on the A30 to commence from next month. This includes an extension to the 30mph limit and improvements to the road surface, markings and signage.