Penzance Harbour 

There are three stages to ensuring that Penzance has a harbour fit for the 21st century and resilient enough to withstand the expected increased weather-related stress from rising sea levels and more extreme weather.

  1. A £3.5 million scheme to remove clutter and old buildings from the harbour; rebuild engineering sheds and create open, easy access to the harbour for Scillonian passengers and the general public.
  2. A £10 million scheme to widen the North Arm (Albert Pier) and remove freight traffic off the highway, Carry out improvements to the freight operation and engineering aspects of the harbour.
  3. £100-plus million scheme for a breakwater, creating space for a marina.


Autumn 2016

Derek has fully supported the Penzance Neighbourhood Plan team in their bid for a £3.5 million Coastal Community grant to fund Step One; he lobbied DCLG Minister Sajid Javid and hosted meetings with council officers, the DCLG, the Penzance Neighbourhood Plan team and Steamship company representatives.

Derek arranges for the Penzance Neighbourhood Plan team to talk to Sajid Javid about the bid.

March 2017

The bid was unsuccessful, primarily because the scheme is not “shovel ready”. Derek remains confident that a future bid can be successful if Cornwall Council carries out £200,000 preparation work which would be reimbursed once the bid is successful. Derek’s view is that, as owner of the harbour, Cornwall Council have a responsibility to improve it and should invest the money without delay.

Step 2 is reliant on Step 1 and no source of funding has currently been identified.

Step 3: The Penzance Breakwater Group meets monthly and Derek has hosted useful meetings with interested parties such as the Environment Agency, South West Water, Natural England, Network Rail and Cornwall Council to identify potential challenges at an early stage.

19th September, 2017

Derek writes letter to John Betty, Cornwall Council’s Strategic Director for Economic Growth and Development, urging him to ensure sufficient funds to advance the application.

24th November, 2017

Penzance Place-Shaping Group hears that the application for funding should be ready for submission by January 1st, 2018; the deadline is expected to be early in 2018.


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