Levelling Up

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill already includes many measures that directly affect Cornwall - the proposed devolution deal, and giving councils the ability to double council tax on second homes and empty houses – but it is now at the stage when MPs can add amendments to improve the bill before it is voted on.

Derek is supporting a number of amendments to the Levelling Up Bill which will boost local democracy.

Derek is introducing an amendment to enable councils to restrict tourist helicopter flights – preventing nuisance and empowering the local community.

In St Ives, a relaxation of planning laws has enabled a tourist helicopter offering pleasure flights to take off from a field, for up to ten hours a day, and to fly extremely low over residential areas.  The community in St Ives are given no say over a development which causes serious annoyance during the summer months.   

Derek worked with Cornwall Council to find a solution, but the law does not require planning permission from local authorities.  Derek undertook a survey of local residents and found that 92% of respondents would like local authorities to have the power to refuse permission for these flights.

Derek is also supporting amendments that will

Derek says

“The Levelling Up Bill already provides opportunities for Cornwall – but it could do even more.

“The amendments I am backing will strengthen local democracy, giving Cornwall Council more say what matters to us.

“The Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has shown that he is prepared to listen: now we’ll see how many of these amendments the House of Commons votes for.”