Armed Forces Day June 24th 2023

The British Armed Forces do a brilliant job of managing threats to the UK and our international interests and keeping the peace. However, these threats are ever changing as modern warfare techniques are developed and advanced.

During Armed Forces Week, hosted here in Cornwall, we commemorate the dedication and sacrifice of our armed forces personnel in the past and appreciate and recognise the continuing service of all those engaged in fending off threat and working for peace.

Support for Ukraine: The UK provided £2.3 billion worth of military support to Ukraine in 2022 – more than any country other than the US – and the Prime Minister has committed to sustain that level of support this year.

Nuclear deterrent: The UK’s current nuclear deterrent is provided by four Vanguard-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) which house the Trident II D5A missile and its Mk4/ Holbrook warhead. Approximately 6% of the annual defence budget is spent on maintaining the UK nuclear deterrent.

Support for veterans: The UK owes a debt of gratitude to its serving armed forces and to veterans. In recent years additional support has been made available in relation to travel, housing, mental health services and the Armed Forces Covenant which is intended to ensure those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.

Northern Ireland - Legacy and Reconciliation: Legislation is passing through Parliament that proposes to limit criminal investigations, legal proceedings, inquests and police complaints, extend the prisoner release scheme in the Northern Ireland (Sentences) Act 1998, and provide for experiences to be recorded and preserved and for events to be studied and memorialised.

The short survey will help me to understand what you believe should be the priority for Government as we equip and sustain our armed forces.

Armed Forces Survey

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SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Do you support the efforts of former prime minister Boris Johnson and PM Rishi Sunak’s commitment to provide defensive weapons and training to the Ukrainian army?
What do you think the UK’s ongoing response should be to the war in Ukraine Tick the 5 most important actions
DEFENCE SPENDING: In 2022 defence spending was 26% of GDP and 6% of public funds. Do you support increases in defence spending?
NUCLEAR DETERRENT: Approximately 6% of the annual defence budget is spent on maintaining the UK nuclear deterrent. Do you agree that the nuclear deterrent is a good use of UK defence spending?
Do you agree that the UK nuclear deterrent is critical to Great Britain’s role on the global stage and helps to moderate Russian and Chinese international hostile intentions for example?
In which circumstances would you agree the UK should decommission the nuclear deterrent?
SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS: Do you believe enough is done to support armed forces veterans?
Monthly veterans' breakfasts are organised in many of our towns. Would you like to know the details of these events in your area?
Do you agree that those leaving the armed forces should have priority access to training and jobs to support their transition out of the military?
NORTHERN IRELAND TROUBLES: Do you believe that former British armed forces personnel who served during the NI troubles should be protected by a conditional amnesty when accused of killing or troubles-related crimes?
Do you agree that former armed forces personnel should be free from police investigation after a fixed period i.e. 10 years?
Do you agree that police investigations of former armed forces personnel should only proceed as a result of new compelling evidence?
ENGAGING YOUNG PEOPLE: Do you agree that Army, Sea and Air Force Cadets should be available in towns across the country?
Should schools do more to educate our children about the role of our armed forces?
Do you support the inclusion of young people and cadet groups in civic processions and events to commemorate significant events such as Armed Forces Day, Remembrance Day and Battle of Britain etc?