Brexit Matters

In response to questions raised with me regarding Brexit I have sought clarity from a variety of sources including the Attorney General and the House of Commons Library, an impartial and independent body that provides detailed analysis to aide MPs in their Parliamentary duties. Here I provide access to analysis on significant aspects of the Brexit debate which I hope you will find useful.


Withdrawal Agreement: Legal Opinion - Hansard

Withdrawal Agreement: Legal Opinion as stated in the House of Commons on the 12th March 2019.
Source: Hansard, the official record of what is said in Parliament.

May's deal rejected for a second time

Tonight MPs voted against Theresa May’s deal (242 in favour versus 391 against).

The deal was voted on shortly after legally binding changes to the backstop arrangement were announced. The deal would have allowed the UK to leave the EU in a managed way on the 29th March.

Brexit and state pensions

This Commons Library briefing looks at EU law providing for the co-ordination of State Pension entitlement and the possible impact of Brexit