Brexit Matters

In response to questions raised with me regarding Brexit I have sought clarity from a variety of sources including the Attorney General and the House of Commons Library, an impartial and independent body that provides detailed analysis to aide MPs in their Parliamentary duties. Here I provide access to analysis on significant aspects of the Brexit debate which I hope you will find useful.


Another Brexit extension…

It is my belief that it would have been far better to have left the EU on 29th March. The Government and Parliament had plenty of time to have prepared the ground for this.

Number 10 Has the Brexit Key - Briefings for Brexit

Britain has made extensive and detailed preparations to leave the EU under WTO rules – the so called ‘No Deal’.  But much of this is being kept secret and even held up by Downing Street in order to frighten MPs and the country into supporting the Prime Minister’s discredited ‘deal’.  MPs and even

European elections and a longer extension to Article 50 - House of Commons Library

The European Parliament (EP) elections are scheduled for 23-26 May 2019. The EU says the UK will have to take part if it is still an EU Member State when they take place, although others disagree. The Government has accepted the EU position and the Prime Minister is now proposing a further Article 50 extension that will enable the UK to leave the EU by 22 May.

Indicative Votes: Business Motion of the House

Today MPs will be asked to take part in further indicative votes should the Business Motion brought to the House by Sir Oliver Letwin be approved. For further details of the motion and the options available to MPs in the indicative votes please read this extract from the day's order paper.

MPs vote against the Withdrawal Agreement

The very first campaign I ran as a political candidate back in December 2007 was to go to the Isles of Scilly, the most westerly point of the UK, to call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, i.e. EU membership.