Net-Zero Emissions Survey


The Prime Minister noted the polarised debate that is Net Zero Emissions and the need to cut greenhouse emissions.

Depending on which side of the debate you find yourself on may influence your opinion of the PM's speech last week.

I've drafted a brief survey to understand a little more about local opinion. Please share your views with me below:

Net-Zero Emissions Survey

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How high a priority do you think achieving Net Zero emissions should be for Government? (Where 1 is very low and 5 is very high)
The PM announced a delay in the policy to ban sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles in favour of EVs from 2030 to 2035. Do you support this?
Derek believes that we should have a ban on tailpipe emissions rather than ban all vehicles other than electric vehicles. Do you agree?
Do you agree we should give households more time to transition away from oil and gas for heating?
Improving the quality and efficiency of our homes (for example insulation, solar panels, and battery storage) is something Derek has argued for as an MP. From the list below, select how you think this can be done.
Government grants to improve homes for low-income families
Low-interest loans added to domestic mortgages to upgrade privately-owned properties
Government loans for homeowners and landlords to be repaid when the property is sold
Tax-incentives for landlords to upgrade long-lets
Until new technologies are proven, oil and gas is still needed as we transition to Net-Zero emissions. Government believes UK oil and gas extraction is a better solution than importing fossil fuels. Do you agree?
Did you find the PM's speech on the road to Net-Zero emissions encouraging or discouraging?
Following the PM's speech, are you more likely or less likely to vote Conservative?
As we move away from Fossil Fuels, more renewable energy options will have to be pursued. Of the list below, which ones would you support?
Prioritise floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea
Ease planning restrictions for onshore wind
Prioritise underground solutions, such as geothermal
Limit solar installations to rooftops and unproductive land
Install onshore wind turbines and solar farms wherever they are needed
Accelerate the building of new nuclear power stations including small modular reactors
Expand the development of hydropower and wave and tidal power solutions
Do you think that it is inevitable that we will need to include less processed meat and mass-produced meat in our diet as we work to reduce harmful emissions?
Have you made changes in your diet due to concerns about climate change?
Have you made improvements to you home and reduced the energy you use due to concerns about climate change?
Have you made changes to your transport arrangements and travel choices due to concerns about climate change?
Progress is being made to reduce harmful emissions, what do you think about the pace of these changes?